Marilyn David

Writers Statement

As the screenwriter an producer for this project. It is my hope that the message behind my heroines character, will not only provoke thought, but will help emancipate us to our powerful emotional intelligence aka The Soul. We are primarily emotional beings inter-dependent on each other to heal our societies and communities crippled by social vices. i.e Bullying, Terrorism, Extremism and others.

This is a story that stems from personal experiences, I remain a constant migrant across different landscapes and diverse geographic territories; recognising that there is a a known sub culture of migrants called the “Third Culture Children” As the name infers one might have multiple nationalities and adopt several diverse cultures thereby creating a socio-cultural mud cloth of tough fibres that becomes an authentic and unique culture.

I consider myself a creative hybrid and so adapting to society’s cultural norms in the mind frame of a hybrid can be an intensely bitter sweet mental experience. Yet it is an adventure that could help redefine who we really are and what we want out of life?.  Sometimes simple questions like where are you from? who are you? poses such a daunting philosophical introspection in search of the most accurate response. The writing of the story in Glass House was indeed a journey to underlining and understanding life triggers that can maim and or heal us.  How does life bring one Joy? yet push one over the edge within a Journey? Glass House seeks to remind us of how, though we are affected, we are not defined by the lands, origins, residences, habitats, experiences that could nurture, enable yet could ultimately destroy us,  be it, in the past, present or future, but by the ability to recognise and  embrace our strengths and vulnerability in our greater self aka “The Soul”. We should simply be in love with life and remain generous with every culture and country we come to adopt. 

Director’s Statement.

In our globalised world, it is clear that diversity abounds- and although we may find ourselves in the same countries and cities, we are all different in our approach to life,  people- coming from different locations in different positions, with varying experiences and expectations. Understanding what it is we want out of life is one of the tools that helps us to grow and develop, it gives us strength and shapes our character… as long as we are intelligent enough to learn, and brave enough to remember the pain of our pasts. Imagine for a moment that you have had an extremely difficult past, and you believe that your only option is to hide your true self and conceal your past to the point that you create an entirely new identity. This can be done. It has been done, but the cruelty and injustice that exists in the world is powerful enough to destroy even the strongest of characters- along with their fragile and beautiful goals…forever.

This is the story of Emma Rose.  A story involving a number of significant topics pertinent to the world in which we live. The film will be a thought-provoking drama with subtle hints of a psychological thriller- including substantial contextual paradigms including: immigration, work environment, psychological abuse, cultural differences, suicide, sex, wealth and poverty.

I am very passion about this project and the problems it outlines in the modern world. It is a story that should be seen and heard and with this film, we will not only shed light on the injustices that exists between the developed nations and the poorest countries in Africa, but also the many injustices that are present in any number of offices in the largest financial districts in the world. This is a dichotomy that will serve as the compelling foundation for a great screenplay and film.

The journey of our characters will be accompanied by strong images, filmed in a number of locations in various countries, serving to guide the consciousness of our audiences throughout key-parts of the plot- ultimately leading to the astounding story of Emma Rose and the movie, “Glass House.




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